It´s My Way…

Tired of the hurt and her crony watching me.


The only Turtles that matter


"Pizza dude’s got thirty seconds."

This image will forever resonate within my heart.
I was reading up recently on the new TMNT reboot by Michael Bay and needless to say I’m extremely frustrated with the new design. All the turtles now look like green Voldemorts.

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The Kingdoms of Disney. ✨

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In honor of Bob Hoskins, I decided to make a gifset of Eddie Valiant where he is stating over and over again that he dislikes toons, even from the first moment we see him in the film.
But when he sees Betty Boop, it doesn’t matter. Out of all the toons and his hatred for toons, he still loved Betty and was so kind to her. And I always loved that about Eddie Valiant’s character and I think Bob Hoskins portrayed that very well.
Rest in Peace, Bob Hoskins, thank you for being the best Eddie Valiant anyone could ask for.

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